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Soy Blend Scented Candles


Image of Soy Blend Scented Candles

Single wick soy blend candles in a 9oz jar (just over 7oz of wax). Burn time: 35-40 hours. Please see scent descriptions and burning instructions below.

Big Sur - Sea salt, aqua lotus, rosewater + musk. A soothing ocean air scent with almost a creamy essence to it.

Santa Cruz - Sea salt, beach wood, moss + amber. Fresh & crisp ocean breezes. A very clean scent.

Venice Beach - Coconut flakes, pineapple, cilantro + vanilla. Strong and bright.

Death Valley - Orange, red pepper, pomelo zest + amber. A warm/spicy scent paired with the sweetness of orange.

Go Shorty, It's Your B-day - Assorted fruit, vanilla ice cream, buttercream frosting + honey. Just like strawberry ice cream cake on your birthday. Yum!

Beverly Hills - Kale, pear, grass + wood. A strong and unique fresh/green scent.

Orange County - Citrus zest, orange blossom, jasmine + cedarwood. Fresh outdoor orchard vibes. Strong and delightful.

- Burn for 3-3.5 hours at a time.
-Do not exceed a four hour burn time during one burning session.
-Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" before each burn.
-Do not burn near a draft.

-Keep away from children and pets.
-Do NOT leave candles unattended.
-Burn on a heat resistant & flat/level surface.
-CAUTION: the candle jar will be hot after burning. Please allow candle to cool completely before handling.